Flash on Crack

A friend of mine sent me a link to this way over the top Flash site for info on the amount of unused electric generated today by Tepco, the Japanese Electric company. It may take a while to load on a slow connection as it’s got some serious amount of data to download.

Also, another friend sent me this crazy animation from the 2chan (channel 2) giant BBS/Forum in Japan. Supposedly it’s about getting a 1000 post on 2ch

  • Leo

    Sooo, cats with human-like bodies fighting each oher, a guy getting hit by a car, very very interesting.


  • TEPCO site

    Man, TEPCO obviously have waaay too much money. Is this just CYA after all that fuss about the Summer power crisis/nuclear reactor shutdown last year?

  • ongebekendesukkel

    gif toch dien crack gvd

  • Rick

    I heard about this a couple months ago – the idea was that Tepco was making a “denki yohou”, a pun relating to the weather forecast.

    I had no idea what Tepco was until I moved to Tokyo – it’s controlled by Tokyo Denki, and in Fukuoka I dealt with Kyushu Denki. I wonder how big their coverage area is?

    And I also wonder whether this is a ploy to get customers for their broadband service. 😉

  • Dag that flash was crazy. I work for a power coporation on the east coast that covers a total of about 1.5 million people, and the most advanced they get with anything web related is maybe some CSS on their page lol. Too bad I didn’t understand what they were saying on that TEPCO site :-p

  • whoa…

    that’s the craziest thing i have EVER seen…… o_O