Ebisu Ramen

Ebisu Ramen is a Japanese restaurant in Fountain Valley.  I don’t know why this place is popular with many Japanese natives because the food is NOT that great.  In fact I’ve been disappointed several times.  Now that I’m living in Japan I can say that it doesn’t taste like real Japanese food or at least not like Tokyo food.  The one thing they do have I guess is variety.  For example they may be the only place in Orange County where you can get Okonomiyaki which for lack of a better description many people call Japanese pizza.  On the other hand I’ve had Okonomiyaki several times in Japan now and Ebisu Ramen’s isn’t nearly as good as it is in Japan.  If fact it outright sucks here. Also the service is generally poor.

The one plus to Ebisu is it’s near a Japanese super market, a Japanese bookstore and Prehistoric Pets (see below)

Directions: from the 405 take Brookhurst south to Garfield.  At Garfield make a u-turn and then turn right into the parking lot with a McDonalds.  Ebisu Ramen is in the corner of that shopping center.

  • greggman
    Getting better?

    Ebisu Ramen has changed it’s name to Mendokoro Ramen and the owner assures me that things have gotten better.  Unforutunately I can’t go check it out but givin my experience with Japanese food in the L.A/O.C area in general I’m pretty skeptical.

    It’s almost like they are all 2nd or 3rd generation and so have never really tasted real Japanese food and so what they make is not even close to the real thing.

    Anyway, I’ll check it out next time I’m in O.C.

  • Boxboy
    Best Ramen

    The best Ramen is in Costa Mesa. Its on Bristol and Paularino in the Wahoos Fish Taco shopping center. Don’t go to Wahoos becuse I think they are the blandest tacos in the world.


    I am not sure what the name of this ramen place is. But there is only one. I think its called Takarya. Its clearly the best and mostly Japanese.