Eating Silkworms

Today I ate Silkworm Pupus. My Korean friend, Youngmi, told me she eats them regularly in Korea and she gave me some to try when she visited a week ago. They actually were not that bad. If they were spiced up and / or put in another food I could probably deal with them. Straight of the can and slightly heated, per her instructions, they were, well, like silkworm pupas.

  • WingFat

    When eating silkworm pupas, I always look for the “Yoo Dong” brand. Nothing says silkworm pupas like “Yoo Dong.”

  • Yongary
    In Korea

    They call ’em “boondaegi.”

    I call them filthy crap.

    Koreans have distinct pallets. Dong-dweiji is ‘Shit pig,” and locals will (usually unintentionally) deceive foreigners and refer to it as “black pig.” Greg has posted that it’s a pig that is raised eating human shit.

    That’s 100% true.

    Boshin-tong is dog soup. Its taste isn’t bad. Dog rib bones scared the shit out of me and kept me from ever eating it again. Still, it was not bad.

    In general, I hate Korea food, but I won’t say there aren’t some delicious deishes coming from the hermit kingdom, but Boondaegi certainly isn’t one of them – canned or fresh.

  • Korean food yum!

    I actually like most of the Korean food I’ve had.  But then again, I like almost all food I’ve had :-p

  • sammyjojo

    I gotta vote for korean food too, though I am biased since I’m partly korean. Thankfully I’ve never had dog 🙂