Cute Cars

These cars are super cute I think. They only carry two people but I’d like to give one a try. I wonder if they feel safe, especially on the freeway.

There’s another car. It think it’s this one that is being advertised as $49 a month. That makes me think I could almost afford one. It’s not the coolest car but having a car in Japan would make it an entirely different experience.

  • nikita2471
    Smart Cars in the US,…

    Hey! They will be offering the Smart cars in the US, starting next year. BMW will be offering their version by May of 2002. I think they are a great idea, especially for cities like NYC and San Francisco where parking is hard to find!

    I'm moving back to SF next year,…have thought about getting one,…LOL!

  • anon_melissasanchez

    these cars are adorable they are so darn cute!!!!!!!!!!!!! please keep showing these pictures to the world

  • mIrAnDaBaBa

    aHhHh! I FrEaKiN LoVe ThEsE CaRs ThEy Are So FREAKIn CuTe!oMgOsH I FrEaKiN LoVe ThEm EvEn ThOuGh I CaNtdRiVe YeT BuT WhO CaReS ThIs WeB SiTe ROX!lol