• Hey Greg!

    Came upon your blog purely by accident and the first entry, ROBO Master, caught my attention. I don’t suppose you know anything about its availability in the U.S. or do you?

  • Craft Robo USA

    Well, the same company has offices in America but they don’t appear to sell any consumer oriented products.  You might want to ask them.

  • lu2

    How much?


    (btw, did you get my reply to your email ever?)

  • mouse

    wow neat!

    We didn’t see it when we swung by yodobashi a week ago. Was too preoccupied with the camera gear. Which floor was it?

  • 3rd floor?

    I think it was on the 3rd floor.  It was near the PDAs and Labelers.  Yodobashi lists their price as ¥38640。 List price is ¥52290

  • Debra
    craft robo

    The craft robo is not yet available in the US. The company, however, is planning on releasing it in the US in the near future. When last I checked, these plans were still at a fairly preliminary stage, but that was a few months ago. I’ll post again when I hear more.

    Debra 🙂

  • Craft ROBO availability

    Hi guys,

    I am new on this board. However, I work for Craft ROBO manufacturer. Original Craft ROBO will be available on the US market in early 2005. However, similar product can be currently purchase under Wishblade brand at http://www.wishblade.com.

  • shellieinco
    the wishblade

    I have the wish blade. However, I am really disapointed because you cannot use any of the GSD file templates for the robo in it (even tho it looks like the same macine,) and you cannot use adobe illustrator with it.  I wanted to make my own fonts to cut, and unless I do the word, then trace each in the wishblade advanced, that is the only way to do it.  Wishblade comes with some fonts, but I want to do my own.  I tried installing the robo driver, to see if that would make it work, and while the driver does do what it is supposed to, I still can’t use illustrator because the controller for wishblade and robo must have something different.  The pictures of the controller screen for both are identical. 

  • Illustrator will work

    Actually you can use Illustrator with the Wishblade – I do it all the time.  You need to make sure your final vector path is stroked in black, then choose the wishblade in the print window and depending on the version of Illustrator you are using, either use Printer setup or properties to modify the color in the cutline settings to black.  The default is grey and that’s probably why you can’t get your wishblade to cut.

  • newatthis

    It has been a while since the post about craft robo being available in the us…

    has it been released yet it is late in 2005…

    It was scheduled to be released in eraly 2005???

    Has the wishblade been adapted to use the craft robo software?



  • dine

    Hi, I just found out that craft robo existed. If I had someone order it in Europe and send it to me, will I be able to use it with Corel draw 12?

  • Trina
    US Craft Robo

    I, also, would like a Craft Robo as compared to a Wishblade.. I understood it was to be released in January of 2006 per the manufacturers… have written to the company (Graphtec Corp.) and no news yet as I just emailed them today, but hoping it comes out soon as Wishblade is already out and has a large popularity.  Craft Robo, per the user groups I  have joined at Yahoo for the Wishblade, has more versatility in as far as use of the software and its ability to cut true type fonts… Because of this I’m waiting for the Craft Robo… reports are when out it will cost about $400…  To get more info., seach the web for Craft Robo, the site for Graphtec will come up with a link for sales… if you want info and the muchine, write and bug them!  Thanks… grins, Trina M.

  • Debby

    Trina, my hubby and I had been talking about purchasing the Wishblade and then we came across the info about the Craft Robo, so we started doing searches for it.  So far, we’ve found a couple of places you can order it from….scrapbookdiecutter.com (they also have these on Ebay, but it’s the same price as on their website: $399) and thescrappinpath.com (where it’s listed for $379.99 right now with free shipping).  Hope this helps.  -Debby-

  • Linda

    I am looking to puchase the Craft Robo wholesale for retail purposes.  I just returned from the CHA Trade Show in Las Vegas, but didn’t see them there….does anyone have any info on this?

  • CraftROBOstore.com Official U.S. home of Craft ROBO Cutting Plotters

    Please check out CraftROBOstore.com for the most accurate and up to date information on Craft ROBO. CraftROBOstore.com is the official site for Craft ROBO in the Americas.  We just launched a couple of weeks ago and we’re growing quickly!  There is a user community site with correct product specifications, user manuals and getting started “how-to” information, as well as software updates (like a free download with over 20 additional media type settings–a must have for all Craft ROBO owners) and the updated Cutting Master Plug-in for Adobe Illustrator CS2.

    The store has Craft ROBO, Craft ROBO Pro II, and replacement blades, carrier sheets, and cutting strips, plus a one or two year extended exchange warranty.

    We also have a specially priced package that includes 1 Craft ROBO + MagiCut Lite software (written exclusively for Craft ROBO) and a decorative media starter kit from TheMagicTouch.  MagicTouch image transfer and MagiCut heat transfer media is really fun stuff, and it works great with Craft ROBO. We will have the entire MagicTouch media line available soon (media and software will also be available soon through authorized Craft ROBO distributors if they decide to pick up the product line)

    The site also has links to other online authorized Craft ROBO distributors. Even if you decide to purchase a Craft ROBO through an authorized distributor, you should start at http://www.CraftROBOstore.com.

    If you are interested in selling Craft ROBO at a retail location or online, please send email to sales@craftrobostore.com with your contact information and details about your retail location or online store.

  • MikeT
    Robo Pro (or others) for the Mac

    Does anyone know if the Robo, Robo Pro or any of the others are supported on the Macintosh? Most of the websites don’t say what is supported, tho one Robo Pro II website said it is supported on the Mac. When I contacted them, they never returned my call.

  • Lynn


    just read Mike T comment about the Robo Pro I have been reading the information list from Mulberry desin +print And in the Software Package CD-Rom (PC&Mac) I hope this is use full for Mike T


  • Craft ROBO USA availability

    it’s been available in the Americas now for nearly 2 years to still a select number of distibutors/dealers. you can find the Graphtec Craft ROBO and Craft ROBO Pro dealers here>


  • Mike T.

    Apparently it is only compatible with the Mac if you have the full version of Adobe Illustrator 10 (CS4). Too bad…

  • caroline jones

    just bought craft robo cc200 20 but i cant get it to work with vista, i tried downloading the drivers that were available but they arnt compatable, it sent my computer crazy, the screen was flashing and programs were opening and closing on their own, in the end i had to log off to stop ot.
    does anyone know how i can get this cutter to work?

  • Jason Creation

    We are manufacturer of the vinyl cutting plotters(including the craft robot,desktop size) in China. My email is: creation18 at pcut-cn dot com
    skyp is jason.creation        i an answer your doubts about the craft robot,like silhouette cut/contour cut ,ect.