Cool Japanese Mastarcard Commercial

Check out this cool commercial!

Here’s the dialog in Japanese


勇者のノットパソコン : 170,000円

ドラゴンのスーツ: 魔法のかばん:  95000円


こわいとくいさきがあらわれた。 ケンタは勇気でたたかった。 ケンタは勇気でたたかった。 ケンタは勇気でたたかった。 こわいとかいさくをクリアした。

夢と冒険の始まり PRICELESS




and my, probably poor translation

Kenta get’s his hands on a MasterCard!

Hero’s notebook computer : 170,000 yen ($1400)

Dragon Suit and Magic Bag : 95,000 yen ($850)

Kenta starts working

Scary Customer Appeared Kenta bravely Attacked Kenta bravely Attacked Kenta bravely Attacked Scary Customer Cleared

Starting your Dream and Adventure : Priceless

There are things you can’t buy with money (or) There is value to things you can’t buy with money.

Things you can buy with MasterCard

for your new lifestyle

Someone care to fix my translation?

  • hummbaby

    Another example of something cool you would never see in the U.S. because of perceived cultural differences. At least they put it up on their web site. Thanks Greggman!

  • Cormac

    the translation looks fine, but it sounds to me like they’re trying to go for an RPG item feel with the stuff he buys…Dragon Quest and the like are littered with 勇者の剣 etc. So maybe call it an Inspiron of Processing +5, or something to give it that Western RPG feel 😉

  • anon

    Can’t do the translation, but I can tell you what the ad was really about. It is a young man starting his first job, as told through the style of a computer game. He buys all the stuff he needs with his mastercard. But with the final moment (starting your dream and adventure) being Priceless. Then at the end of the ad, the line would translate similarly to the US endline for mastercard ads – “there are some things money can’t buy, for everything else there’s mastercard”.