Cool Art

One of my co-workers in Japan, just a few weeks before I left, told me he was having a exhibition in Ginza of some of his work.  I had no idea what to expect but as I wanted to support my friend and I didn’t have any other plans I thought I’d check it out.

Boy, I was completely blown away.  His creations were amazing.  He said that he would love to do this full time but I didn’t think he could quite support himself doing this so he had a job a Sega.

Here are some examples of his work.

click for a larger version
note: I hand stitched 3 pictures together
I didn’t do a very good job so you’ll see some problem areas


  • Joe

    That is seriously cool stuff your friend created! That big fishy thing reminded me of something out of that book that keeps on falling out of the cabinets in that movie Sphere, what was it? 2000 League under the Sea or something? Anyway, I don’t read, so I can’t remember…

    Kinda hard to sense its scale and material thru a bunch of jpegs tho, maybe you should snap ur head next to it next time greggman ^^ !

    Does your friend have a catalogue? It’ll be cool to see these images next to some dark poetry about bionicroaches…

  • mom

    This looks familiar, have I seen one in your Brentwood apartment? What is it made of? Metal? Is it stored?

  • greggman
    Yes, I bought the large Angel

    It’s in storage unfortunately. Supposedly he was working on a Jellyfish with fiber optics running through it to give the tips a glow like Jellyfish in ultraviolet light.

  • anon_MarcosRittner
    I loved it

    That is art!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Just blowed me away too…

  • Sorahiko