Deep fried red peppers and peanuts. Yum! I’m not sure if Togarashi (唐辛子) is cayenne pepper or not. The look similar and one of my dictionaries says that but the others are not clear. Still, I believe this is the pepper used to make pretty much all the spicy red stuff in Korean food as well as many Taiwanese dishes.

  • Gustavo
    Is that food?

    Red pepper and peanuts? Is that any good?

  • MrSingh

    Very tasty. Not spicy enough though!

  • neko
    Togarashi (唐辛子) is cayenne pepper?

    Yes, it’s one kind of cayenne pepper. The photo on that package shows quite large pepper and looks to me it is like chili pepper from Mexico. Originally Japan didn’t have this kind of pepper and as you see the Chinese letters used, 唐(to) means China where these pepper came from. And did you know Korea got these pepper from Japan several hundreds years ago?

  • they started selling them at my local super market. that could be bad for my stomach……..or some other part of my body :-p

    It’s funny, cayenne pepper comes in small spice bottles in a typical American super market as far as I know. In a Korean super market it comes in 2~3 pound bags.

  • kdoublec

    Just looking at the picture on the package makes my ass bleed.