• rom

    I was checking out that phone in Sakuraya just today. Beautiful screen, but it’s simply way too bulky and the buttons are too small. But I’m looking forward to more VGA phones from the other providers as well (AU)

  • JOY

    hi greggman…..been reading your stuff and its amazing how much you got down. a lot of it is pretty helpful too…..thanks. My husband and I are planning on going to tokyo in the holiday season, but everything just looks sooo expensive.(we are in Kyushu by the way)…so we finally settled on using the seishun 18 pass…only problem is sorting out the local train schedules. I read somewhere in your blog that there is an english helpline….any ideas what the numbers are?!!


  • Sadly it’s seemed to be hidden. It’s at the very bottom of this page



      Hi to u all , a m called mutaawe innocent, i stay in Uganda East Africa,am 18 at age ,and am jobless but with an idea in computer technology ,am still a student in secondary school (uganda),i wanted to see wether i can get a contact with u so dat i get a market for u,

    ma box number is (p.o.box 05 masaka uganda east africa,) help mi for a reply bse am impressed with your devices e.g phones,flash disks.

    Thanx…………but help mi on ma email.