If You Had Money?

If you had money what would you do?

Seriously think about it for a moment. If you had say $10 million what would you do? I’m guessing lots of you would buy or pay off your house or sell it and get a new one. Would you quit your job? Would you start a new

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Living out of a Suitcase

Like I mentioned before I got rid of my apartment, sold all my furniture, gave away all of my clothing except for enough to fill a suitcase, and decided to travel indefinitely until I figure out what to do next. Indefinitely could be 1 month or it could be a year or more. Basically I

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I’ve sweating a ton! It’s annoying. I don’t know if I’m sick or have some other issue or if I’m just out of shape or if something about the air here in Scandinavia. The weather has been relatively mild. Google says it was 68f/20c today in Stockholm. It was mostly cloudy. It’s been around that

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Conversion to Wordpress, Epic Fail!

So I moved this blog to WordPress because I didn’t want to write spam moderation code for my old site code. That part works, I can now moderate spam comments before they get posted, something I couldn’t do with my old site.

But………………….My old site got 10-20 spam comments a week. My WordPress site gets

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Switched to Wordpress

Well, I finally think I got most of my site switched over to WordPress. I’m sure there will be some glitches and I’m sure there is still stuff to do but for the moment it seems to be mostly

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Back to Baltimore

Today I went back to Baltimore. I hadn’t been there in 23 years. I lived there at 19 when I ran away from college with my first girlfriend. I lived there 3 years from 84 to 86 and worked at M.U.S.E. and

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Blogging Software

It’s come time for me to do something about my blog because lately I’ve been getting a 15 to 1 comment spam. That means about for every 1 real comment get 15 comments that are spam. The really annoying thing is they are typed by live people who attempt to leave a comment that sounds

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What I’ve been working on

If you want to know what I’ve been working on, see this blog entry in the other part of my

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Googling my life away

As of May 5th I started a job at Google in Mountain View. I can’t say what I am working on as it is still top secret but I can say it REALLY REALLY wanted to work on it which is why I took the

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Adult Story #4

To be honest, I don’t know if this is really an “Adult” story but

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