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AirBnB issues in Nogizaka

I’ve ranted on AirBnb issues before but sadly I keep going back because I don’t have much of a choice since I’m effectively homeless at the moment. I’ve rented about 22 places in the last 3 years. I think a couple were not AirBnB. I haven’t written a bad review yet even though given the […]

Why does sharing photos have to be this annoying?

So, … some company in the UK wants to use a photo of mine from flickr. All my flickr photos are CC-BY-SA so they’re free to do whatever they want pretty much. But, of course lawyers get involved and now they want to send me a licensing form for me to sign. It doesn’t say […]

The Da Vinci Code for Mormons

So somehow I missed this 2013 New York Times article exposing a bunch of issues in the Mormon Church. It was brought up by this really good episode of Reply All. I’m an ex-Mormon and this episode really resonated in a lot of ways. In particular I guess personally, even though I’m now 100% atheist […]