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Yet more AirBnb issues

I know you’re wondering why I keep using AirBnb if there are so many issues It’s basically because I’m homeless and I need a place to stay. Other than a hostel the cheapest hotels are $100-$150 a night. Go to and check. Pretty much every city there’s 5 tiers of prices. Bottom teir is […]

The Unintended Consequences of Cheap Airlines

This is just a very minor thing I noticed but … I needed to book a flight from Singapore to Hong Kong. I checked and the prices were pretty crazy. $69 for Tiger (which is rated 1 out of 5 stars) $105 for JetStar (rated like 1.5 out of 5 stars) $520 for Singapore Airlines […]

Form Over Function

I recently stayed at an apartment which you can see from the picture is a pretty nice looking apartment It’s got the fancy show nothing cabinets that hide everything It feels a little like living in some future sci-fi apartment from Logan’s Run or the Jetsons. But … after the initial “wow, cool” factor wears […]

Manoa Falls

I was in Honolulu looking up a restaurant or something on Google maps and I saw a marker for “Manoa Falls”. I had never been and I assumed it would be like Opaekaa Falls or Wailua Falls in Kauai. Both of those are just off the road. You get out of your car, walk 50 […]

Tromsø Notes

Notes to myself about Tromsø Small town on Island. Kind of reminds me of Kauai as their populations are similar although I don’t know if the population I read is just Tromsø city or if including the surrounding area makes it much bigger

Amsterdam’s Red Light District

I visited Amsterdam’s famous Red Light District. I thought about visiting it alone but decided a tour would probably be more fun so I signed up for this tour. Our tour guide was great. Very sex positive. Very supportive of the working girls. I highly recommend it. Here’s some notes and thoughts.