O-Saji Ko-Saji

My friend invited me to this little out of the way place.

We had the 7 course dinner which I think was only around 3500yen, a typical price for dinner in Tokyo

It’s a kind of new style Japanese cuisine, all of it

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Incheon and Seoul House

When I was going to school in Shinokubo, the Korean town of Tokyo, the teachers seemed to pretty much eat at Incheon, a Korean restaurant nearly every single

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Good and not good

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Shibuya Underpass Society

A hip and kind of hidden cafe / bar in

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El Cishco(sp?)

If you are looking for good mexican food in Tokyo well, you are basically S.O.L. But, in the meantime you can try this place. In Japanese it’s written ERU KISHIKO. I assume it’s something in Spanish translated to Japanese and so it’s not exactly correct. Maybe El

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This is now my favorite ramen place in Tokyo and that’s saying

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Rainbow Roll Sushi

If you are in Japan and are missing California style sushi this is the place to

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Over priced no fun theme

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Kushiya Monogatari

Do it yourself fried

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"low" is the name of a small cafe / d.j bar in

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