O-Saji Ko-Saji

My friend invited me to this little out of the way place.

We had the 7 course dinner which I think was only around 3500yen, a typical price for dinner in Tokyo

It’s a kind of new style Japanese cuisine, all of it good.

It’s up the road from Shibuya toward Roppongi.  About a 10 …

Incheon and Seoul House

When I was going to school in Shinokubo, the Korean town of Tokyo, the teachers seemed to pretty much eat at Incheon, a Korean restaurant nearly every single day.

One day I went with them and I had this Yukkejan which is this very spicy Korean soup.  In fact one time we had Yukkejan at …


Good and not good noodles.

The first time I went to this place I thought it was great but I think there is a story behind that.

The first time I went to this place was on New Year’s Day.  New Year’s Day in Japan is like Christmas in America.  Nothing is open, People are …

Shibuya Underpass Society

A hip and kind of hidden cafe / bar in Shibuya.

I was wandering around looking for some other restaurant when I discovered this place.  It’s in Shibuya under the tracks for the Toyoko Line.  If you are in Shibuya station and you walk down to the Saikyo Line platform, at the opposite end of …

El Cishco(sp?)

If you are looking for good mexican food in Tokyo well, you are basically S.O.L. But, in the meantime you can try this place. In Japanese it’s written ERU KISHIKO. I assume it’s something in Spanish translated to Japanese and so it’s not exactly correct. Maybe El Cishico?

Well, it’s not bad. I felt …


This is now my favorite ramen place in Tokyo and that’s saying something!

My friend Jason took me.  He said it was pretty good but of course I was a little skeptical.  He said he used to go to this place when he was contracting at a company near by and it was pretty amazing.…

Rainbow Roll Sushi

If you are in Japan and are missing California style sushi this is the place to go.

For anybody from the states, most of you have probably at least heard of California Roll.  Although each place makes at a little different the basic recipe seems to be crab or imitation crab and avocado wrapped in …


Over priced no fun theme restaurant

Supposedly the new thing in Japan is restaurants with themes. The quick explanation would mean a restaurant that makes you feel like you are in Disneyland.

For example there is the Seiryuumon chain each of which has a slightly different theme.  There are 2 or 3 chains of prison …

Kushiya Monogatari

Do it yourself fried food!

It was a Sunday night and I was trying to think of a place to go for dinner with my friend Natsuko.  I thought I’d take her to Star Kebab House so we went over there but it was closed.

I called a friend that lived in the area and


"low" is the name of a small cafe / d.j bar in Aoyama.

Wandering around Aoyama / Omotesando one day I stumbled on this kind if hip designer furniture and stuff store called Sputnik.  It’s places like that that sometimes make me want to be filthy stinkin rich since all the stuff is so …

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