Origin Bento

Origin Bento isn't a restaurant it's a take out only place but since I've been here these 3 years in Japan they have grown and grown and gotten more and more popular.

I'd be curious to know if there is any research on the changing eating habits of various cultures. The Japanese have clearly become …

Loco Moco

Loco Moco is a restaurant that serves loco moco which is the Hawaiian surfer version of donburi or a rice bowl.

Loco moco is a bowl of rice with a hamburger patty on top followed by an over easy or fried egg and all covered in beef gravy. It sounds like the kind of thing …

Pumpkin Cook Katsura

My friend brought up this restaurant that bases their entire cuisine on kabocha or Japanese pumpkin so I just had to try it.

It's this little tiny hole in the wall place on Takeshita Dori in Harajuku. You get off the Yamanote line from the Takeshite Dori exit and walk down Takeshita Dori.  Cross Meji …

Dessert Company

I found out about this crazy little dessert cafe place called the Dessert Company buried in the middle of the Harajuku and Omotesando area so hidden I'd be surprised if anyone would ever find it without word of mouth.

I actually got lost trying to find it even with a map in my hand but …

Journal Standard

The Journal Standard is a chain of ultra expensive trendy clothing stores in Japan. There's actually quite a few of these kinds of chains. Beams, United Arrows, etc.

The Journal Standard in Shinjuku has reasonably priced cafe.

It's directly across from the Shinjuku Station NEW South Exit. The part of the station that's between the …


Behind Roppongi Hills, across from the Tsutaya Bookstore / Starbucks is another great Tokyo cafe. Frangipani

It's open in the front making it not feel stuffy and it's different by parking a 1970s Volkswagon bus in the center of the store. You can even sit in it if you no one is already using it.…


I found this place walking home from clubbing. If I leave the clubs early I have to take a cab and for some reason, I guess to save a little money, I walk over to NHK and catch one over there. This place is in-between and I happened to pass it one day. It looked interesting …

Carne Station

Need a cheap meat fix?  Try Carne Station

Once in a while when my friends and I feel like bursting our stomachs on the cheap we head over to this place called Carne Station.

It's in Akihabara directly under the train tracks for the Yamanote Line. You exit from Akihabara Station and then walk toward …

OGO Ono-Loa Hawaii

My friend Eric told me there was a Hawaiian restaurant near his place he had walked by many times and wanted to try.  We both expected it would be the typical ""Hawaiian"" restaurant with basically some Hawaiian motif and pineapple in the dishes but it turned out it was REAL HAWAIIAN!!!!  KICK ASS!!!

Like …

Pineapple County

Curry Carbonara. Yum!

Pineapple County is a pretty typical little cafe.  I went on a date from a personal ad to Shimokitazawa and we ended up at this place.

On the menu was something called Curry Carbonara.  Basically a carbonara pasta but with some curry added to the sauce.  It was actually quite excellent so …

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