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This is also a good place for sushi though not as good as Sushi Wave.  It’s great for lunch though as they have some pretty good lunch specials including gyoza and chicken and beef teriyaki for those non-sushi eaters. Directions: Take Bristol south from the 405 to Baker.  Turn left.  Kanpai is on the left […]

Tapioca Express

This is my favorite Bo Ba place.  They have just the right amount of tea to milk to sugar ratio and I like the favor of their tea.  The one I usually go to is on Valley Blvd west of Garfield on the south side of the street in a strip mall.  There are at […]

Hof’s Hut

Hof’s Hut is a small chain of umm, Coffee shops?  It’s actually pretty good and they have really good dessert selections courtesy of their bakery.  My friend Willis loves this place.  He always gets the Rotisserie Chicken. Directions:The one in Irvine is in the same shopping center as Sagami.

Pho Mai Nguyen (the Catfish Place)

I’ve not been to many Vietnamese places but the catfish here is the best I’ve had.   It’s great.  In fact it’s so good I could each just that as my only dish plus some rice.  My friend Neil introduced me to this place. Vietnamese style eggrolls are also very good.  You roll them in […]

Luna Cafe

What are the two best things about this place?  (1) It’s open till 3 or 4 am.  (2) you get crayons to draw on your paper table cover with. The food’s just okay. Nothing to really special but it’s alot more interesting than Denny’s for that late night thing.


Sagami is a good place for quick Japanese food.  They’ve got various types of rice bowls and sushi.  It’s only takeout but there are tables outside if it’s a nice day.   It gets pretty crowed at lunch.  There’s also about 6 other takeout places there if you’ve got a hunger for Japanese food and […]

Ocean Star

In Monterey Park, this is one of the most popular Dim Sum places.  I’m sure you could wait an hour even on a weekday.  The place is huge too.  If you really want the Dim Sum experience this is the place to go. Also, Monterey Park and the areas nearby are heavily populated by Chinese […]


A great ramen place to try is in Ebisu. I think it’s called 99 ramen (or quew jew quew).  To get there, exit Ebisu station through the West exit and then walk to the main road and turn right back under the train tracks.  Continue down that road a couple of blocks until you get […]