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Marukai is a store similar to Mitsuwa.  I’m not sure if they are also a chain.   As for food they have more selection than the Costa Mesa Mitsuwa and they have better prices.  They require a $10 membership but generally you’ll save more than $10 over Mitsuwa on your first trip. They also have […]

Mishima & Taiko

Mishima is a quickly expanding chain of Japanese donburi, soba and udon restaurants.  I think they are up to 4 now.  Donburi is a bowl of rice with stuff on top.  Once they put the stuff on top the name is usually shortened to just don.  For example Gyu Don (Beef Bowl), Niku Don (Meat […]


Rutabegors is the original "health food" place. At least it was my first exposure when my parents started going there in the 70’s  They’ve opened a couple more since then but the original is the best because it’s in downtown Fullerton in a neat old Mexican building.  I’m not sure it’s really considered health food […]


This is an awesome Indian restaurant in Laguna Beach.  The best part is that on weekdays they have an all you can eat buffet for lunch.  It’s a must try!  My friend Tom’s favorite dish is the Chicken Tika Marsala.  It’s not usually served during the buffet though sometimes you can get lucky. Directions: Natraj […]

Rae’s Cafe

On Pico west of Centinela.  The thing going for Rae’s is it’s old looking like a 50s diner.  Not like Ruby’s which is a commercialized version of a 50s diner but an actual 50s diner.  It doesn’t look like this place has changed in 50 years.  Maybe it hasn’t.  Food what you’d expect for a […]

Hurry Curry of Tokyo

If you haven’t tried Japanese curry you should give it a try.  For lack of a better description, it’s a plate of rice with gravy and usually some kind of meat.  Hamburger, Breaded Chicken (Chicken Katsu) and potatoes are probably the most common additions.  Unlike some other types of curry, Japanese curry is generally not […]

Little Saigon

I’m not sure if this is true but I’ve been told the Little Saigon has the most Vietnamese people outside of Vietnam.  It’s a great place to visit.  Especially check it out on Tet day one of the major celebrations. Directions: A good place to start is the area near the Dragon Phoenix Palace Chinese […]


Alberto’s is a small chain of Mexican fast food.  Before they opened in Orange County we used to drive all the way to Oceanside to eat there.  Now there’s a few in Orange County.  Something strange happened because many of the Alberto’s have changed their names to things like Alberta’s and Albertaco’s but they seem […]


Not to be confused with Johnnies.  You can’t eat here as it’s out of business.  Instead it’s rent out as a location for movies.  It’s on Wilshire Blvd near the LA County Museum of Art (LACMA).  It’s been in quite a few movies. Miracle Mile comes to mind