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Getting Ripped off by Siegel’s

I’m going to admit right off the bat it was stupid of me to order a suit from the USA to Japan. The thing is the suit I wanted is not a common style and it was for a costume-ish party so I thought “what the heck”. In my defense I did look around Japan. […]


I watched this fascinating documentary and the other 6 parts. PS: DON’T SHOOT THE MESSENGER. I’m reporting what the documentary said not what I said. Apparently in Norway the government equality programs define success as equal outcomes. In other words, until 50% of computer programmers are women the government equality programs are failing. According to […]

How much does your commute cost?

Apparently there’s an app that simulates a taxi meter to give you an idea how of how much your driving is costing. It’s also apparently missing lots of data. For example are you in traffic or going 70. Are you driving recklessly or conservatively. But, it got me thinking it could I calculate my own […]

A World With No Privacy

It annoys the crap out of me when someone tells me I can’t take a picture. Examples: I go into a department store. I want to take a picture of some cool merchandise that I want to show some friends. The clerk comes up and says “no pictures”. I’m at a festival. Someone is selling […]

Looking for a Backpack

Today’s spoiled consumer rant … I’m looking for a new backpack. My old one is around 10 years old and fraying. I got it at Uniqlo back when they used to carry backpacks (they don’t anymore). It’s been great and I still use it. But, I carry my notebook PC more and more and it’s […]


I friend of mine recently pointed out this program, ArtRage which is a Painter like program with at least one major difference. It’s only $20. ArtRage, Painter and similar products are arguably a different category from programs like Photoshop, PaintShopPro and the Gimp in that the later are primarily designed for image manipulation where as […]


I’m not sure where this started but links are pooring in for parodies for this song which I think is called “Dragostea Din Tei”. Check them out at your own risk. link1 link2 link3 link4 link5 link6 link7 link8