The Ubiquitous Swedish Chokladboll

These things are everywhere in Stockholm.

Every cafe, whick being Stockholm means several every block, every convenience store, I’m sure that also includes every grocery store as well.

No baking required. Recipe below. Warning: Easy to make = Too easy to eat. It’s like eating chocolate cookie dough…


I wasn’t much of a drinker before I came to Japan. Or rather, I wasn’t a drinker at all. From age 14 to 20 I was a Mormon and Mormon’s don’t drink as it’s considered not healthy. Even though I stopped being a Mormon around 20 the influence from those years kept me from ever …


Deep fried red peppers and peanuts. Yum!…

How to enjoy Hawaiian Food

So you've always wanted to try Hawaiian food or you are just adventurous and love trying new foods?  Well read this!

More Restaurants

I've been working on adding LA restaurants to my website and although it's not finished both the page is up as well as some minor updates to the OC food page.

Orange County Food

Places to eat (or not) in Orange County California (Disneyland country)

Japanese Restaaurants

A few places to eat in Tokyo, Japan


San Francisco Eateries

Places to eat in the S.F. area

Places to Eat in Maryland

Places to eat (or not) in Maryland