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Flickr bans Flickrdown

So a couple of days ago Flickr decided to ban Flickrdown. The issue is that some people complained that you could use Flickrdown to download copyrighted images. Of course you can do the same thing from any browser. Right click an image in Flickr and pick “Save Image As…” Why these people feel Flickrdown should […]

Nostalgic Install

Configuring the Nostalgic Screensaver Configuring the Nostalgic Screensaver One you’ve installed the Nostalgic Screensaver you need to tell Windows to use it.  Follow the directions below.  If you are running Windows XP click the start button in the lower left corner of your screen and pick "Control Panel" Then select "Appearance and Themes" If you […]

Flickdown 2.0

I updated flickrdown for the release version of .NET 2.0 and added support for private images, tags and groups. You can download it here.


1 of the reasons I haven’t been updating my website as much as before is I’ve been spending nearly all my free time writing this software.

Javascript Sidebars

I saw this post about how to put part of your moblog on a side bar on your front page using PHP. Getting PHP to run can be trouble for some or your ISP might not support it. I also saw this link on how to get it to work using some MT plugin. That’s […]


Furl was recently recommended to me. It’s a site that lets you keep your net bookmarks online but more than that, it will keep copies of the pages for you if you want so even if the original site disappears you’ll still have the info. It also lets you share your bookmarks in various ways. […]

Nostalgic Screensaver

The Nostalgic Screensaver No, not Nostalgic as in an old screensaver, Nostalgic as in when you use this screensaver you will feel nostalgic because this screensaver shows your images in a way similar to how many documentaries and biographies show still images from a history or a person’s past something like the image below. Download […]


I finally got my first shareware program online.  I don’t really expect it to sell but it was fun to make it and see all the stuff I had to do to get it ready to sell.  You can check it out here.