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Cell Phone Visualizers

Are they really starting to run out of ideas?  The latest cell phone, the FOMA P901iS, has visualizers while it plays back music. According to this page it even has an editor to creator your own.

Cosplay Phones

Well, not quite but Vodafone, which has been doing very poorly recently in Japan, is about to introduce phones with costumes. Currently they have 12 costumes but I other than the bull which I find kind of cute the rest look pretty cheezy if you ask me. Actually they have a “cheese” one. and a […]


It’s about FRIGGEN time! MS and Washington State University are supposedly making a replacement for the laughably bad and nearly useless MS Paintbrush that’s been in Windows and nearly unchanged since like Windows 3.0.  Hopefully they will actually put it in shipping Windows and put Paintbrush where it belongs, in the recycle bin. Even above that, it’s […]