I found out about this site called who is trying to make it easier to opt out of receiving catalogs in the mail. According to them more than 19 BILLION catalogs are mailed out each year. I know that I rarely want the catalogs I get in the mail. Some companiese are particularly agressive and send a new catalog every 2 weeks. I even get catalogs for about 6 previous tenants.

If you are getting catalogs you don’t want here’s a very simple way to cancel them.

  • httponfirenewsblogspotcom – HERE HOW IT WORKS! “Catalogchoice” – stop unwanted catalogs from crowdin your mailbox!

  • Charles

    Wonderful idea, too bad their site DOESN’T WORK!!!

  • Ava

    fantastic idea- unfortunately it does not work

  • Lib
    Good idea, bad program.

    They’re right. It does not work. And one access attempt turned off the computer!

  • Lib

    And the connection is “not secure”.

  • Ralph

    Great idea but I’ve tried three times and it still doesn’t work!!!

  • Lisa

    I learned about this site through Martha Stewart Living magazine.  I have requested to stop mailings from just about all of the catalogs I receive and oddly enough seem to now be receiving lots of different catalogs I’ve NEVER heard of and I thought working for the postal service for 20 years+, I had seen them all.