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No, We are not living in a Simulation

I’d heard about the “Maybe we’re living in a Simulation” argument before but I had never read the details. If I understand correctly it’s basically a “follow the logic” idea. Simulations get better all the time and as such eventually there will be universe simulators that can simulate an entire universe. Once you can do […]

There’s a Special Place in Hell for Dentists!

Going to the dentist is often hell for me. I’ve already bitched about this before but DAMMIT! It HURTS! It’s fucking torture! I brush and floss EVERY SINGLE DAY. I also use one of these dental pick type brushes after brushing and flossing to get into the cracks etc. Lately I started getting pain like […]

Japanese Rice Cookers are Noisy

9 years ago (the last time I bought I rice cooker) I got a middle of the road Panasonic rice cooker. It was silent. The one I bought before that was silent. Every rice cooker I’ve never owned since the 80s was silent. All the ones my friends had when I visited their homes were […]

Getting Phished

I just got phished. I received a suspicious PDF in email. It had a name that made it sound like something I might personally be interested in from someone I met about a year ago. No idea if that was luck or by design. Even scarier if it was by design.

Yet more AirBnb issues

I know you’re wondering why I keep using AirBnb if there are so many issues It’s basically because I’m homeless and I need a place to stay. Other than a hostel the cheapest hotels are $100-$150 a night. Go to and check. Pretty much every city there’s 5 tiers of prices. Bottom teir is […]

All of Shinjuku is being rented on AirBnB

So a friend is trying to rent her apartment out while she’s on vacation for the last 2 weeks in June. Her place is behind Kabukicho, nearest station is Shin Okubo. I don’t usually look over there because I’d rather stay in other places but I checked just for the hell of it … I […]

AirBnB issues in Nogizaka

I’ve ranted on AirBnb issues before but sadly I keep going back because I don’t have much of a choice since I’m effectively homeless at the moment. I’ve rented about 22 places in the last 3 years. I think a couple were not AirBnB. I haven’t written a bad review yet even though given the […]

Why does sharing photos have to be this annoying?

So, … some company in the UK wants to use a photo of mine from flickr. All my flickr photos are CC-BY-SA so they’re free to do whatever they want pretty much. But, of course lawyers get involved and now they want to send me a licensing form for me to sign. It doesn’t say […]

The Da Vinci Code for Mormons

So somehow I missed this 2013 New York Times article exposing a bunch of issues in the Mormon Church. It was brought up by this really good episode of Reply All. I’m an ex-Mormon and this episode really resonated in a lot of ways. In particular I guess personally, even though I’m now 100% atheist […]