• Tim
    ??? indeed

    very strange, yet mesmerizing (sp?)

  • comet

    have seen something like thin in the ocean, when i was diving. but this looks like something from the space. where did you find?

  • I don’t remember

    I found it searching for something on Google.  What I was searching for I don’t remember.

  • Birder
    It’s a game

    You people know this is a game right?  No Something to stare at.

  • dergman
    i’m stuck

    does anyone know how to get past the stage after your guy skis off the cliff?

    This is the stage with all those lizards that crawl up the mountain side.


  • dergman

    i got past that stage, but my connection to the internet was lost.

    Apparently, you have to wait for the guy to finish eating a fish and then he throws out the bone.

  • yes, it’s a game

    I played until I got the credits.  It’s only like 6 or 7 scenes but still kind of fun.  Reminds me of Myst or The Neverhood.

  • Omar

    Reminds me of the Gobliiins game serie.

    They were french games, I’m unsure if they were widely distributed elsewhere? Basically similar gameplay: a scene with various elements and you have the “solve” the scene. Three of them were made, with very interesting ideas (and weird design).

  • anonemouse
    Very Neat, but HELP!

    I got to a panel with 6 switches. What do I do?


  • Duo

    See the red dots on the door? match the switches to the dots.