100Megbits gone mainstream

For about 2 years now Tokyo has had 100 megabit internet service for about $50 a month except it was through a smaller company called usen. Now that same service is available through NTT, the AT&T of Japan. NTT’s price is about $50 a month. Usen has responded by lowering their price to about $32 a month

I’m not sure how well these services are doing though. It’s arguable the reason DSL has/is exploding here in Japan is because it’s now cheaper than dialup. An unlimited dialup connection will cost you $17 a month plus about 3 cents a minute since Japan has no local unlimited calling like the states do. A 1.5Mbit DSL connection is about $19 period, no extra connection charges. A 12MBit connection is only $5 more a month which is what I now have though Yahoo Japan although all the various provides are about the same price.

Back in the states most people are still stuck with 0.7Mbits for about $40 to $50 a month. It’s no wonder people stick with their modems. With service so cheap in Japan it likely that it won’t be long until most houses have some form of broadband just like most houses have phones. When that happens all kinds of services and devices will likely start comming out, something the U.S. is likely to miss out on.

Already, wireless networking hubs that will share your DSL connect are down to $100. With those around it won’t be long until we start seeing more and more stuff wired into the net. There are already ready to go net cameras. You could set one up in the nursery and check in on your spouce and kids while at work. Maybe that doesn’t sound like a great reason to be wired. My point is that that kind of stuff doesn’t happen much now because the system is not in place but in countries like Japan and Korea where broadband is becoming as common as phone service and cable tv it won’t be long before all kinds of things we haven’t thought of yet start to find a use for being connected.

  • hummbaby

    Can’t wait to move there. I’m stuck payin $49.95/month for my wimpy DSL. =(

  • anon_Brett
    Usen is great.

    I’ve been using Usen 100Mbit fiber now for about 8 months.

    5 IPs for $50 / month can’t complain.

    the speed is not really 100Mbit (about 25Mbit max around Japan and 2-3Mbit to / from the USA). This could be because I’m located about 3 hrs by bullet train from Tokyo, but it’s enough for me anyway 🙂

  • anon_wilson

    Any rules on hosting? Maybe you want to host a server there for me 🙂

    wilson (aka Bill – from US, we met a couple weeks ago).

  • anon_TB
    Japan rules, but…

    Hey Gregg,

    I am glad you are living in and loving Japan, it is a great country, and I am one who would usually be appropriately touting just about everything about it, but please be judicious when starting to rant, even a little bit, about how Japan and Korea are leading the U.S. (and the world) in technology adoption and cool stuff.

    I think that as a whole, you and your site are pretty balanced and are providing great insight into what things are really like, especially related to all the cool gadgets, techology, and other stuff that guys really dig. 

    While trying not to sound like like the self-effacing, globetrotting Japanophile gaijin who give guys like you and I a bad rep, want to express how my first impressions of things Japanese were by the swollen headed geek who showed off too much knowledge of things Japanese at a table across from me at a sushi bar during my formative teen years.  That jerk’s behavior delayed my personal involvement and adoption of things Nihon due to my disgust and understanding that such behavior made him and all Gaijin a laughing stock in the eyes of the sushi chefs and all Japanese.

    Anyway, what I am saying is that I love Japan, but the same group conciousness which drives fast consumer adoption and techno turnover spending (they are early adopters) and takes trend and fad marketing to whole new levels, also puts so much pressure on Mr. Nihonjin to keep up with the Ms. Nihonjin nextdoor, that they work themselves to death and into the looney bin at a very high rate.

    I am guilty over obsessing over gadgets and technology probably more than the next guy(jin;), but I hope you will add exploration, analysis, and discussion of the ‘soft’ but significant costs the Japanese and others bear… alcoholism, suicide, etc are on the rise… please see and share the whole, balanced picture.

    I guess the flip side is that without that crazed consumerism propping it up, the stagnant Japanese economy would probably cause even more social devastation.

    Yes, I have already turned Japanese, so I’m not just speaking out my arse.

    Keep up the good work!!

  • anon_anoun_cer
    the price certainty

       I guess 34$ CDN for DSL in Ontario is cheap cheap for a capitalist with a fist full of shit greenback dollars!  I’d rather hear a rant by an American (Greggman) than a stifle-the-otaku-technofile-cautions of a ‘nice’ gaijin.  The American passport is the key to tell the world what is so wrong.  It is rubbish to point out suicides on the rails by students in Japan.  America’s big dollar and big-headed businesses trickle into the brains of every person in that country.  Forget it, one day you will find out that your country is so funny, like a child’s playpen – with one big, cranky overgrown child who demands all of other countries – and cries when her kiddy president is called a moron. 

       Forget what is wrong with Japan anon, even for warning.  I never want to hear from another American what is wrong with Japan, or Sweden or any country.  You see it as you are bred to see it, how your dollar and big box stores make you see it.  Take your time as an obvious American in Japan to grow eyes from Japan’s perspective on Japan and the rest of the world, because you are fed such rubbish from the time you are small in your country.  Many lies in education and politics and certainly in regards to morality and values.  Just age up, anon…  and then speak soothing words persuading us about the ifs, ands and buts…


  • greggman
    Japan != Heaven

    Thank you for the advice.  I’m the type of person that will often take the opposite opinion at least when faced with an extreme position.  If you tell me XYZ ROCKS I’ll tell you where XYZ sucks.  If you tell me XYZ sucks ass I’ll tell you it’s good points.

    I didn’t think I was saying Japan rules actually.  I think if you check you will find lots of rants about things that I think suck about Japan.

    As for the article above, I didn’t stay Japan is leading in technology.  Clearly the U.S. is pretty good at that.  But, I am concerned that America will lose that lead because Japan and Korea are surpassing us very quickly.  If a country was completely broadband it seems like that would have an influence on future generations.  Kids growing up with broadband will come up with ideas on how to use it that kids growing up with modems won’t.  From the look of things, Korea is already 70% broadband.  Japan will soon be majority broadband also.  The U.S. though is like at 10% or 5% and there is no forecast for it to get better.